A family reunion in South Limburg? Come to the Smockelaer!

A family reunion is a pleasant opportunity to catch up with the family. Uncle John who likes a joke, Aunt Mary who is passionate about the kids or Grandad George with his exciting stories about the past. A family reunion is always a day of entertainment for the whole family. The Smockelaer offers several locations for a reunion that will be long remembered. And if you would like to do something fun with the family we can organize a fun activity.

The best locations for the whole family

De Smockelaer has several group accommodations and party locations where you can hold a successful family reunion. So whether you just want a snack and a drink, have dinner together, or a day out with the family, it is all possible.

Café Modern in Teuven, just over the border in Belgium, is a superb location in an old village school. The old school has been transformed into a very special bar and restaurant with a modern interior but with a nod to the past. The old blackboard and Art on the wall, the coathooks in the corridor, it's all reminiscent of a wonderful time at school. The Decap dance organ completes it all. It's time to swing!

Combine the family reunion with an overnight stay in the group accommodation

Drive all the way home after such a pleasant day? That is absolutely not necessary as you can stay with your family in one of the group accommodations at the Smockelaer. Whether you’ve come with 10 or 60 people you are welcome to spend the night in the beautiful hills of Limburg. Read here all about the group accommodations.

We will gladly arrange it for you

We offer the perfect location for a successful family reunion and will take care of everything. Let us know what your needs are and we will arrange everything down to the last detail. Like to know more about the possibilities? Please feel free to contact us or make an appointment for a tour.

Celebrate your communion at the Smockelaer in South Limburg

A communion is a special day for a child, but also for the proud parents. Celebrate a Communion together with your family and friends at the Smockelaer in one of the special party locations and we will make it a day to remember!

A special location for a special communion

De Smockelaer has various party locations, each with their own charm. The outstanding Vakwerkhuys with stunning views of the Limburg hills. The Smockelaer restaurant where you can enjoy the warm atmosphere by a crackling log fire . Or Café Modern situated in an old village school with it’s modern design and a nod to the past. Each one a special location for this special event. Come along for a look around and see for yourself!

The children won’t be bored

Children are not always in the mood to cuddle with uncles and aunts and sometimes prefer to play with their friends. And that’s just what they can do at the Smockelaer. On the playground they’ll have no chance to get bored! Hours climbing on the monkey bars, sliding down the slide or playing football on the football field. And if it’s raining outside that won’t be a problem, there’s lots of games inside to keep them busy.

We will arrange it for you

We offer the perfect location for a successful communion celebration and will gladly take care of all the arrangements for you. Let us know what your needs are and we’ll arrange everything down to the last detail. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Please feel free to contact us or make an appointment for a look around.

Rusks with aniseed at the Smockelaer in South Limburg

Would you prefer not to celebrate a Newborn at home? Then host the party at the Smockelaer! We provide rusks with aniseed, a cup of coffee or tea, or with a short drink in one of our party locations. Celebrate the birth of your little miracle with friends and family and we will make it a memorable moment!

A special newborn party or baby shower

De Smockelaer has several locations in which you can hold small gatherings or large parties of friends and family for a nice newborn party or ‘baby shower’. The Vakwerkhuys is the ideal location for a baby party, overlooking the beautiful Limburg hills.

If you’re looking for a special venue, surprise youself in Cafe Modern. Set in a unique location in Teuven, just over the border in Belgium. This cozy and charming venue is located in the old village school in Teuven and was proclaimed by a Belgian television channel to be the "best café in Flanders." The interior will surprise you, modern but with a glance to the past. See for yourself!

We will gladly arrange it for you

We offer the perfect location for a successful ‘baby shower' or baby party and will take all the work off your hands. Let us know what your needs are and we will arrange everything down to the last detail. Want to know more about the possibilities? Please feel free to contact us or make an appointment for a tour.

Parties and accommodation at the Smockelaer in South Limburg

In south Limburg we know how to celebrate. Take an attractive location, delicious snacks and drinks, a good dose of fun and you get a great party you’ll remember for a long time! Celebrate your party in one of the Smockelaer’s unique locations and then stay overnight in the group accommodation. Start the next day with a fresh breakfast and the best stories from a great party.

Nobody is the Bob at the Smockelaer

Tossing a coin over who is the Bob at the party? That is not necessary at the Smockelaer. After a party you can stay in the luxurious group accommodation and wake up the next morning relaxed. The Smockelaer offers diverse group accommodations for 10-60 people. Read more about the group accommodations here.

How would you prefer to celebrate?

No party is the same, everyone has different wishes and needs. We have lots of possibilities. So whether you want to hold an intimate get-together or a large reception, a dinner for a select few or a buffet for 300 people, anything is possible at the Smockelaer. Come and visit us for a tour and we can discuss your needs over a cup of coffee with Limburg tart.

De Smockelaer, a special wedding venue in South Limburg

Are you looking for an original wedding venue in South Limburg? Romantic, unique and special, and preferably where you can spend the whole day? Then we would like to show you our great location in Teuven! Just across the border in Belgium is the little quaint village of Teuven, where the old village school has been transformed into a pub and restaurant together with the great party venue La Patria. Be pursuaded and see for yourself!

Getting married in an idyllic little church or under the trees

An old church is a charming place in which to say the yes-word to each other. You can do that in Teuven and the friendly vicar of the church there will happily bind you in marriage. In nice weather you can promise each other eternal loyalty under the foliage of the trees. And of course that should be celebrated! While giving each other the romantic Yes-word, we’ll be putting the finishing touches to the wedding reception. Wedding Cake? Check. Champagne? Check. We’re ready!

Celebrate in the most impressive café in Flanders

Café Modern is situated in an old village school in the village of Teuven, including a great party venue Patria in the old gymnasium. The around one hundred year old gym has great acoustics for a spectacular party! The band plays on the stage while guests swing until late in the evening.

Belgian television proclaimed Café Modern to be the most impressive pub in Flanders and we are proud of it!

Staying overnight?

Driving home after the wedding reception will not be necessary. Next to Café Modern is the wonderful group accommodation La Mairie, located in the old mayor’s residence. La Mairie has a romantic bridal suite where the couple can spend the wedding night. Read all about the accommodation possibilities.

Check out the wedding photos

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