Melkkamer 7 4,5 30 12  12  20  30 
Groene kamer 6 8 48 12  16  40  50 
Lore zaal 9 9 81 22  36  50  80 
La Mairie 12 7 84 20 - 35 35
Villa Schweiberg 12 7 84 10 - - 18
A gen Beuke 15 6 90 15 - 40 40
Vakwerk 15 10 150 30 50 65 150
La Patria Teuven 17,5 30 220 49  90  175  350 

Organize a meeting or convention in South Limburg

If you are looking for a location for a meeting or convention, then you are at right place at the Smockelaer. Only 25 kilometers away from the center of Maastricht you’ll find the Smockelaer’s inspiring meeting venues 't Vakwerkhuys and La Patria. These meeting rooms can accommodate meetings or conferences for up to 175 people.

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patria slideA

La Patria in Teuven

Just across the border in Belgium in the small village of Teuven is the meeting location La Patria. La Patria is adjacent to Café Modern, a former village school that has been entirely transformed into a charming modern restaurant with a nod to the past. The meeting room La Patria offers many possibilities for a meeting or conference for 49 -175 persons.

Its not only us who think the location is unique and special, the whole of Flanders is in complete agreement. Recently, a Belgian television channel proclaimed Café Modern to be the "best café in Flanders!" An inspiring and original venue for a successful meeting or conference!

Het Vakwerkhuys in Slenaken

Het Vakwerkhuys is an outstandingl meeting location, based on an old barn. That may sound boring, but it is anything but! The tasteful interior originates from the Waldorf Hotel in Brussels and has been given a new look. So it could well be that Churchill or Madonna had sat on your chair at sometime . The various meeting rooms in the Vakwerkhuys are suitable for meetings with 12 - 65 people.

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Flexibility and customization, the Smockelaer’s strength

Our selection of meeting packages is varied, but our strength lies in the customization. The Smockelaer can put together a fully customized package according to your wishes and needs. As such you can combine a package with breakfast, lunch or dinner, or perhaps a night in one of our luxury accommodations. And if you fancy it a pleasant diversion you could combine the meeting with an activity. The best ideas are often acquired in an informal and relaxed setting, which you will definately find at the Smockelaer!

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Reasons to visit the Smockelaer

  • 't Vakwerkhuys is a location with a "wow" effect.
  • You will quickly feel at home in the Vakwerkhuys’s pleasant atmosphere due to the use of natural materials and our staff.
  • Our motivated and professional team will gladly help you to achieve to you objective(s).
  • ‘t Vakwerkhuys is sleek and very representative.
  • We have a flexible attitude and will help you to make a success of the event.
  • De Smockelaer has ample free parking.
  • Wi-Fi, projector, flip over and sound system are included in the packages.
  • We are easily accessible via public transportation. Bus stop "Road to Teuven" 50 meters from the Auberge Smockelaer.
  • The meeting room has beautiful views over the hills of South Limburg. The rooms have plenty of natural light.
  • Our restaurant offers an excellent cuisine with local organic products.

Please mail or call us for more information. We can give you a custom quote within 24 hours. Your contact person: Monique Loo, phone: +31 43 457 44 45.

Team building in South Limburg

In team building collaboration is central with the aim being to strengthen social bonding, trust and group dynamics. And that can be a real challenge. The Smockelaer will gladly help. Through our experience in training combined with a unique location and supplemented by our organizational and creative skills we are able to organize an appropriate activity which the whole group will remember fondly.

Fun, sporty, exciting or energetic activities

Our strength at the Smockelaer is that we organize totally customized team building activities. For sporty colleagues an MTB clinic with a former Tour de France cyclist can be a pleasant challenge. A walk with the nature guide through the hilly countryside of South Limburg can be an inspiring break from a meeting. Or rather a culinary challenge? Then try a cooking class with our chef.

Some successful activities

  • Stress reduction with FLOW
  • Laughter yoga
  • Vakwerkhuys
  • Cooking workshop
  • Horse coaching
  • Sheep herding

Read all about our activities on the activities page

Combine activities for optimal results

You want your employees or colleagues to work concentrated, pay attention to detail, to be able to completely rely on each other and work well together. How will you strengthen these qualities? We recommend following a program of a number of activities. For example, during a walk with the nature guide you could go into the woods to look for edible mushrooms which you would then prepare during the cooking clinic. This can promote cooperation, timing, safety, and of course having fun together. Quite a challenge!

Unique real life game Vakwerkhuys in collaboration with TopChange

De Smockelaer and TopChange have developed a unique real life game called Vakverkhuys. The game combines training themes in one or more days to build an authentic Vakwerkhuys on a scale of 1:4. Colleagues are therefore building a complete copy of the confrerence location ‘het Vakwerkhuys’ in the Vakwerkhuys itself. Building a house in a house! Building a timber framed house is a tricky business and requires a lot from the participants. Effective and efficient working, collaboration, project orientated working and perfect mutual communication are required to achieve the desired results.

Relaxed end to a team building session

The advantage of Smockelaer is that we have 7 different group accommodations. After a long and intense day of work on team building you can finish off completely relaxed by staying in a group accommodation. There are various accommodations with a wide range of facilities, including a luxury group villa with indoor pool and Jacuzzi. Now that’s what we call relaxing...

Like to know more about the possibilities, feel free to contact us.

Why go to the Smockelaer

  • 't Vakwerkhuys is a location with a "wow" effect.
  • You will feel quickly at home in 't Vakwerkhuys due to the use of natural materials and of course our staff
  • Our motivated and professional team is happy to help you achieve you goal(s).
  • 't Vakwerkhuys' is clean, tidy and very representative.
  • We have a flexible attitude and will help you make the event a success.
  • De Smockelaer has ample free parking.
  • Wi-Fi, projector, flipchart and sound system are included in the packages .
  • We are easily accessible via public transportation, bus stop "Road to Teuven" only 50 meters from the Auberge de Smockelaer.
  • From the meeting rooms there are beautiful views over the surrounding area. The rooms have plenty of natural light.
  • Our restaurant with excellent cuisine offers local organic products.

Please mail or call us for more information. We can give you a custom quote within 24 hours.

Your contact person: Monique Loo, phone: +31 43 457 44 45.

A company event at de Smockelaer in South Limburg

De Smockelaer is the perfect location for a company event in South Limburg. We have all the ingredients for a successful party: a Burgundian cuisine for a tasty meal, the generous hospitality of the host and charming accommodation. Together we’ll create a great corporate event!

Unique location in South Limburg

De Smockelaer offers diverse group accommodations, restaurants and party venues. Whether you’d like a big party in the ballroom, a convivial evening in the restaurant or a casual office party in an exclusive group accommodation, anything is possible.

Combine a company event with a overnight stay in a group residence

After a nice evening with collegues you may not feel like driving home. That will not be necessary as you can stay in one of the group accommodations. The group accommodation is suitable for 10-60 people and is provided with comfortable single boxspring beds. Almost all rooms have their own bathroom, sometimes even with a private jacuzzi. Round off your corporate event nicely with a relaxing stay in the hills of Limburg!

Want to know more about the possibilities, feel free to contact us. We’ll provide you with a custom quote within 24 hours

Your contact person: Monique Loo, phone: +31 43 457 44 45.

Unique conference venue in South Limburg near to Maastricht, Aachen and Liege

Conference venue de Smockelaer is situated in the middle of Limburg’s Heuvelland. A unique location surrounded by nature, yet close to major cities like Maastricht, Aachen and Liege. This makes the Smockelaer’s conference room an ideal meeting location for national and international guests.

International airports in the area

The picturesque village of Slenaken is also easily accessible for international guests. Within a radius of 100 km are major airports like Maastricht-Aachen, Liege, Dusseldorf and Cologne. After an intense meeting guests are welcome to stay overnight in one of the luxury accommodations.

Smockelaer on the map

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Bijzondere vergaderlocatie in Zuid Limburg

smockelaer beste trainingslocatie zuid nederlandwinnaar smockelaerTrainingslocatie van het jaar AWARDOp zoek naar een bijzondere vergaderlocatie in het Zuid-Limburgse Heuvelland nabij Maastricht? Kom dan vergaderen in een vergaderlocatie van de Smockelaer in Zuid-Limburg. Verblijf in een riante villa met zwembad, luxe burgemeesterswoning of uniek vakwerkhuys. Of u nu wilt vergaderen in een traditionele vergaderopstelling of in een informele setting in een groepsverblijf, het is allemaal mogelijk. Het uitzicht op het Geuldal werkt inspirerend voor uw vergadering, ervaar het zelf!

Beste trainingslocatie van het jaar

De Smockelaer heeft de gouden prijs gewonnen als beste trainingslocatie van Nederland! Deze verkiezing wordt jaarlijks georganiseerd door Meetings Guide. Kom zelf ook ontdekken met uw bedrijf waarom wij de beste trainingslocatie van Zuid Nederland zijn.

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Lastminute hiking package

  • 4 nights (Monday - Friday)
  • 4 x breakfast
  • Cycling and walking on the Hill
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