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6276 PB Slenaken
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Auberge De Smockelaer

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De Smockelaer (The Smuggler) is a beautifully restored Dutch farm complex set in the rolling hills of South Limburg at the most southern point of The Netherlands near to Maastricht. Only 250 meters to the Belgian border and a few miles from Germany it is perfectly situated for a visit to continental Europe.

Auberge de Smockelaer Groepsaccommodatie Zuid limburg 20 personen

The name of the auberge was inspired by the romantic idea of the many smuggling activities which took place in years gone by in this border region. But all too often it was a real cat and mouse game where smugglers and border guards alternately pulled the short straw. During your stay in Auberge De Smockelaer it's worth the trouble to find out about some of the smuggling tales that still circulate in these parts.

Smugglers and border guards were never the best of friends and those who were caught smuggling were in for a hard time ...