Givelderweg 2
6271 PB Slenaken
T. +31 (0)43 457 4445
F. +31 (0)43 457 2352

La Mairie

very luxurious group accommodation in Belgium (voerstreek)

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This luxury group accommodation for 26 persons with 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms (expandable to up to 35 people) is attractively housed in the old town hall, La Mairie, of Teuven, Belgium. Located in the beautiful border region, in the beautiful hilly landscape of Belgian and Dutch Limburg. In het Gulpdal 3 k.m. from the Dutch border.
The House has a central location in the picturesque Teuven, a small village where always a cozy atmosphere prevails. La Mairie is a well known face of Teuven as well as the adjacent café/restaurant Café Modern with the associated Patria.



All areas are finished in very high quality. The old wooden doors of the property are teruggehangen again. The banks are the window sills. The beautiful Windows are re-created and double glazed. Beautiful hardwood floors in the bedrooms. A house full of luxury and atmosphere.