Cooking Workshop in South Limburg at the Smockelaer

A cooking workshop is not only very sociable and delicious, it is also very very educational! After a warm welcome with a drink and a snack from our professional cook you will be taken into the world of cooking. The cook has everything already prepared, drawn up a 3 or 4 course menu, done the shopping and everything is ready for a successful evening.

What is your aim?

In the cooking workshop the priority lies on burgundian convivialty. Whether you are with family, friends or colleagues, we’ll make it a nice evening with a delicious result: a 3 or 4 course dinner. The group will prepare one course at a time, each of which can then be enjoyed in the restaurant or in the group accommodation.

A cooking class is also the ideal activity to work on team building. A pleasant end to the day after a meeting or training session. In addition, aspects such as leadership, time management and efficient and accurate work are covered. A fun challenge after a day working together!

Combine your cooking workshop with a guided nature walk

De Smockelaer specializes in organizing custom made activities. Depending on the purpose and composition of the group we can recommend an appropriate agenda. For example, you can combine a cooking workshop with a walk with a nature guide. You’ll get an overview of the necessary ingredients for the cooking workshop and then go walking to find the necessary mushrooms or berries. The challenge? Not all berries and mushrooms are edible, so accuracy is very important. Accurate work, collaboration and leadership can be developed in this way.

Cooking workshop in the group accommopdation or in the restaurant

It is possible to hold the cooking class in the group accommodation that you are staying in. Together with your team you will enjoy privacy and a pleasant evening. Of course it is also possible to book a cooking class and hold it in the kitchen of the Smockelaer and then enjoy the food in the restaurant.

Like to know more about this workshop, please feel free to contact us.

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