Staying in South Limburg at the Smockelaer

De Smockelaer has several luxury group accommodations where you and your family, friends or colleagues can stay in beautiful South Limburg. You can stay in an 18th century farmhouse, an old mayor’s residence or in a luxury group villa. Which ever accommodation you choose you choose quality in a prime location in South Limburg.

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Staying in a luxury group villa

The Smockelaer’s luxury group villas go a step beyond luxury and comfort. The luxury group villas are set in a prime location on top of Schweiberg and all have their own indoor pool. The bedrooms are equipped with bathrooms with large baths and the living rooms and the kitchens are incredibly spacious!

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Bed and Breakfast in South Limburg

The attractive, classic romantic bed and breakfast rooms are an ideal accommodation for a weekend getaway or mini break in South Limburg. The surrounding lends itself to great walks or bike rides and to discover South Limburg’s most beautifull spots. You can then relax in your cozy bed and breakfast room.

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Meetings and accommodation at a special location

De Smockelaer offers many possibilities in the field of conferencing. You can choose the unique meeting venue het Vakwerkhuys, but you can also meet informally in one of our luxury group accommodations. Conferences and accommodation go completely hand in hand at the Smockelaer.

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Lastminute offer

Lastminute hiking package

  • 4 nights (Monday - Friday)
  • 4 x breakfast
  • Cycling and walking on the Hill
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Why choose The Smockelaer

Groundbreaking generous hospitality

We take hospitality one step further. Experience it for yourself!

Quality, luxury and comfort

If you choose de Smockelaer you choose quality.

South Limburg Heuvelland (Hill country)

Enjoy the rolling country side, beautiful forests and magnificent views.

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