Mechelen Estate - 38 persons

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Two spacious villas on one estate in South Limburg

Mechelen Estate is located at the top of Schweiberg near Mechelen in South Limburg. A beautiful location with a breathtaking views of the Geuldal. Estate Mechelen comprises 2 spacious villas, Villa A gene Beuke and Villa Schweiberg. Two lovely group villas adjacent to each other with all possible luxury and comfort. The group villas are the ideal location for a stay of up to 38 people.

Villa A gene Beuke and Villa Schweiberg

All the bedrooms on the Mechelen Estate are more than luxurious. These extemely spacious bedrooms are equipped with comfortable boxspring beds. In addition each bedroom has a spacious bathroom with bathtub, sink and toilet.

In total there are 9 spacious double bedrooms and 3 spacious 4-person bedrooms. However, the rooms are so spacious that it is possible to add extra beds.

Spacious living room for a cozy get-together

Both group villas have their own cozy living room, ideal if you want a little extra privacy. In addition, the living room of Villa A gene Beuke is spacious enough for the entire group to gather in one place. Take a seat in a large armchair at the fireplace or on the couch to chat with friends or family. While the children play a game at the dinner table you can enjoy a drink and a snack. Villa A gene Beuke makes it possible to be together in one room and still experience the necessary privacy.

Your own spa, pool and sauna

Mechelen Estate has everything you need for a relaxing stay. Both villas have a private heated indoor swimming pool. In addition, Villa A gene Beuke features a Jacuzzi by the pool and Villa Schweiberg a wellness area with sauna. You can really relax during your stay in South Limburg.

The ultimate accommodation for large groups

Group Villa A gene Beuke and Villa Schweiberg are so special that you would have to see them for yourself. Staying here is a unique experience. The space, privacy and luxury makes the property suitable not only for staying with friends and family, but also as a perfect business accommodation.

Bedrooms and bathrooms Villa A gen Beuke


  • 2 spacious double rooms with comfortable boxspring beds
  • 3 spacious 4 -person rooms with comfortable boxspring beds
  • 5 bathrooms with jacuzzi, walk-in shower, toilet
  • 2 toilets


Kitchen Villa A gen Beuke

  • Cooking island featuring a teppanyaki grill, wok, induction hob and a built-in Fryer
  • Steamer
  • American fridge with freezer and ice maker
  • Cooker
  • Dishwasher
  • Espresso


  • 2 Private pools
  • Wellness room with sauna
  • Free wifi
  • Fully non-smoking
  • Less suitable for people with disabilities
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Bedrooms and Bathrooms Villa Schweiberg

  • 3 double bedrooms on the ground floor with comfortable boxspring beds
  • 4 double bedrooms on the first floor with comfortable boxspring beds
  • 7 designer bathrooms each with bath, shower and toilet

Kitchen Villa Schweiberg

  • ‘Serious Kitchen’ kitchen
  • Steamer and oven
  • Fridge with freezer
  • 2 Dishwashers


  • Spacious terrace
  • Private garage for 12 cars
  • Car wash in the garage
  • Large sports field and playground

All inclusive rates

The mandatory service cost includes a complete linen package . Upon arrival, the beds are neatly made and all towels and kitchen towels are ready for use. Your holiday can begin immediately.

Things to do in South Limburg

In the immediate vicinity of the property there is much to see, to do and experience. You can visit caves , go for walks, visit a zoo or a city. The possibilities are almost endless to mention. On our website we have some tips for you to enjoy.

Activities for the whole group

We will gladly organize goup activities and outings. Whether you would like to go hiking with a guide, take part in a cooking workshop, take a theatrical tour of the area, or enjoy a cozy evening with the Kwizzmaster, it's all possible. You can view a selection of our activities on our website.
The Smockelaer also organizes many activities tailored to the purpose and requirements of your stay. Please contact us for more information.

Be a chef in the spacious luxury kitchen

The kitchens are equipped with all appliances including steamer, American fridge with freezer and ice maker, dishwasher, cooker, cooking island with teppanyaki grill, wok, induction cooker and built-in fryer.

During your stay you will make the most delicious meals in this spacious kitchen. Of course it is also possible for a cook to cook for you or to take part in a cooking workshop. Together with your friends, family or colleagues cook your own meal prepared under the guidance of a professional cook. Fun, instructive and above all very tasty!

Monique en Maurice Loo de Smockelaer

Über Smockelaer

Monique and Maurice Loo founded De Smockelaer in 2004. The Smockelaer rent exclusive group accommodations for parties of 8 , 16 , 20 , 40 and 60 persons . To receive a quote or learn more about Smockelaer, please contact us.

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