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Less stress in the workplace with FLOW

A "flow" refers to a mental state in which a person is fully absorbed in his or her work. Characteristics of a "Flow" include somebody having a clear goal, is concentrated on the task at hand, loss of self-awareness and sense of time, with a feeling of control over the situation. Sounds like the ideal condition for work.
Trainer and coach Frits Vissers provides insight into what FLOW is and what steps can be taken to get into a FLOW.

Living, working and doing sports with FLOW

Frits Vissers can guide you to a life which is in balance, in which resistance disappears and results organiclly arise. The core of the training revolves around the so-called bio feedback software. Using an infrared ear sensor, signals from your heart will be translated onto a screen. You can then take action by listening to your body. Very simple and can be used anywhere.

The aim of the exercise

During the training everything about FLOW will be explained. The aims of the training include:

  • Neutralize stress and stop the creation of stress hormones
  • Managing the inner state and activating positive feelings
  • Generating creative solutions
  • Breaking obstructing patterns
  • Preventing energy leaks throughout the day
  • Effective listening

Scientifically proven results

FLOW is not just a technique, but is scientifically proven. Multinationals like Shell, HP, Boeing and Price Waterhouse Coopers have been using FLOW to reduce stress and increasing inner calm.

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