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Horse coaching at the Smockelaer in South Limburg

Horses perfectly reflect human behavior and can help us discover what hinders us in our own development or the development of a team. Horses hold up a mirror to us. They don’t make assumptions, do not judge and don’t think ahead. They mirror your behavior and the immediate lessons are strong and durable.

Working with horses has proven to be very effective at, amoungst other things, leadership development, team development and personal development.

Horse coaching, effective for developing yourself or your team

There are striking similarities between the lives of horses in a herd and how people function in families, schools or organizations. We make use of these similarities during the sessions we organize. The coaches sub-title what happens in the interaction between you, your team and the horse.

The horses are not ridden during the training, therefore experience with horses or horse riding is not necessary. Sometimes people on the course are afraid of horses, after all they are large majestic animals. However, this is not an obstacle to the workshop, a horse can actually help you let go of your fears.

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