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Laughter Yoga at the Smockelaer

"I have not laughed so much in ages!" When did you say that the last time at work? These days the Business world is focused on performance, speed, and ultimately it's all about the finances. Team building is important, a good team performs better and that means a good atmosphere and therefore very important. It's time to just laugh together. It is time for laughter yoga!

Laughter Yoga in business

Laughter Yoga is a unique concept where everyone is going to laugh for no reason. No jokes, humor or comedy, just relaxed laughter. Laughing is stimulated during laughter yoga as an exercise where eye contact and playfulness can lead to a contagious laugh.

Laughter yoga is about laughing but also it’s about breathing. You’ll learn breathing exercises from the yoga teachings that allow more oxygen to get into the organs and brain, leading to a more energetic and healthier feeling.

An original and relaxing activity for teambuilding

"People who laugh together, work better together," a quote from actor and comedian John Cleese. When there is laughter in the workplace there is for a moment no hierarchy, but more importantly, employees come across more customer-friendly. It improves communication skills and the atmosphere.

Less absenteeism through a good working atmosphere

One major reason for changing jobs and a high level of absenteeism is a bad or boring work atmosphere. What could work better to inprove the atmosphere than to relax and laugh together? After the laughter yoga employees go home and say "i had such a laugh today at work!"

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