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Mountainbike (Mtb) clinic in the Limburg hills

Ad Wijnands is a professional cyclist and has competed in the Tour de France no less than five times. Since 2003 he is an expert instructor. So who could better conduct a mountain bike clinic than Ad Wijnands? After a short introduction he’ll take you around the beautiful surroundings for a challenging ride with your friends, family or colleagues.

Biking, a sporting challenge in Limburg

South Limburg is a magnificent setting for a mountain bike clinic. The forests, sandy paths and hills offer a challenging ride under the guidance of a professional. Ad Wijnands can tell you exactly how ride best and provide the necessary tips and tricks. But mountain biking also has other aspects such as endurance, specifying limits and team spirit.

No experience is no reason not to join in

The clinic is totally customized for your particular group. As such you can determine the level, the time and the duration. A suitable ride can be put together for anyone regardless of age or condition.

After the mountain biking it's time for a refreshing drink and a chat about the tour. And did you always want to know what it's like to ride the Tour de France? Ask Ad Wijnands about his fascinating experiences.

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