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Active in nature

De Smockelaer, located in the village of Slenaken in the hills of Limburg, has a lot to offer for nature lovers. You can take a walk together in a group with our nature guide. A fun activity for the family together with the children, but also for colleagues. To clear your head between meetings, or to actively look for the right ingredients for a cooking class.

On the trail with the nature guide

Our nature guide can tell you all about the beautiful surroundings. He’ll take you into the world of nature: the sloped forests, river valleys and rolling pastures. During a walk of about an hour and a half you are the explorer and you will discover the most beautiful spots in South Limburg.

Activity for the whole family

"What is that I hear? Is it an owl? " The nature guide will gladly take the children along on a trip through nature. During the walk the children will learn about the flora and fauna in a playful way and learn all about the birds, beetles and trees in Slenaken. A fascinating walk for the whole family.

Pleasant break from a meeting

A strenuous meeting or training session can be very tiring. Over time the attention lessens. What could be more pleasant than just thinking of something else between meetings. Nature can have a calming effect on the mind and help to completely clear the head for a moment. Then everyone can continue the meeting or training session full of energy. The guided walk is highly recommended for a pleasant break. Not just to clear your head, but also to improve team spirit.

Take a challenging hike

A hike may not be just a walk. You can also link it to a goal. Imagine organizing a training session to improve team spirit, efficiency and alertness. For example, combine hiking with a cooking course. The employees have to search for some specific ingredients for dinner during the hike, with safety, cooperation and communication playing an important role.

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