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Smuggling with Schorre Fons, a theatrical tour though Limburg

De Smockelaer is located in the border region of South Limburg, where goods were once smuggled through Limburg’s Heuvelland. That's where the name of Auberge de Smockelaer comes from. Today there is no more smuggling, but Schorre Fons, a smuggler of the first hour, remembers how it was back then.

You will be welcomed in style by Schorre Fons at Auberge de Smockelaer. He’ll tell you all about the smuggling trip and then you’ll set out yourselves. We challenge you to complete an important mission with Schorre Fons. Can you manage to get the contraband past the customs officer?

The smuggling tour is an entertaining, sometimes hilarious trip for companies and groups of friends and family. There is also a special smuggling trip for children. Experience a thrilling adventure in the woods around the Smockelaer. Professional actors will take you back in time! Ready for the challenge?

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